Sunday, 27 February 2011

Alice Gold 'Runaway Love' Video Shoot

Here's a few photos from the video shoot for Alice Gold's Runaway Love, directed by Tabitha Denholm.  All day there was a spooky succession of ethereal and monochromatic shots leading to an explosive final shot of dance & colour.

Monday, 14 February 2011

It doesn't get better than Hatallica!!!

I've never seen Metallica, pretty much never listen to their music, although I do own a glow in the dark tshirt of there's, but last week there was only one band I had to check out.  HATALLICA, a Japanese cover band playing their first show outside of Japan at The Pipeline in Liverpool street.  It was really dark, the place was packed but everyone was standing well back from the stage.  After a few songs it was like things just clicked, amusement and caution turned into full on lets get the party started rocking out.  They were great, the drummer spent half the time charging around the stage, and I was more into taking live photos than I have been in a while. Hey maybe I need to just shoot cover bands.

Fun times, and the drummer is a legend!

Oh! Inverted World - Feb 17th

Oh! Inverted World rides again this week, and I've been seriously slack making a flyer.  But there's one good reason, it already sold out, so I was telling myself this is more like a souvenir poster or something. Wait, who am I kidding.  I'm feeling seriously nostalgic for Japan at the moment so that probably influenced the subject matter, and I'm currently only reading books by Japanese authors or travel books from Japan.  It's a narrow but awesome field.  My favourite is Alan Booth's 'The Roads To Sata' which tells of his epic 3000km walk from the head to toes of Japan.  It can be summed up by him waking up, walking, grumbling, drinking a beer, walking, grumbling, drinking lots of beer, having a hot bath, sleeping, but hidden in there is a deep love for both the country and the art of travelling alone.  It has an amazingly romantic ending as well, ahhhh.

Currently reading Isabella Bird's 19th century tales of travelling in Japan, it's a bit random and quite bigoted, but viewed through a filter of old times understanding, and when you consider that she travelled alone through the rural parts of a Japan just entering the 'modern' Meiji era, it's all pretty incredible.

Ok, so this Thursday, ahem.  It's going to be an amazing show, Grouplove riding in on a wave of saucy hype, Big Deal and also Chad Valley playing too.