Friday, 30 October 2009

G is for Goodtimes

Denim + Leather = rock n' roll, it's a simple equation.

The Goodtimes are from Southend, last time I took their picture we were under a pier and a local yokel started mouthing off.  The response 'Last night I had your mum', didn't go down so well, he said he was going to kill us.  At this point I'm thinking save the camera, run for the hills and they're taunting him some more. ha, er goodtimes ; )
This time I agreed to take photos only on the condition we did it somewhere safe, not sure where Kensington at 11pm came into it.  There's absolutely no light on the main drag, just expensive shops and no-one on the street, it's a fancy ghost town.  Did finally find a couple cool spots down in the tube station and by Marble Arch...

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Oh! Inverted World at The Old Queens Head

Dawned on me today that I've been a bit of a hermit last couple weeks but that's about to change.  Seeing Phoenix for the first time tomorrow at Brixton Academy, can't wait!  Then Yuksek & Delphic in Old Street on Sat, I'm DJing with OIW crew on Monday at Ginglik and.... best of the bunch Oh! Inverted World returns to Old Queens Head on 11th November for a proper folky hoe down, we have Treetop Flyers, Mariners Children and Player Piano playing.  nice, nice, nice!

I have a strange love of paper and have tons of different colours and textures stashed away up in a cupboard with a bunch of old maps and travel guides.  Cue me grabbing the paper and everything else falling on my head! shit. Tidied up, got busy with my scissors and harked back to the summer...

Saturday, 17 October 2009


Here's a few photos from a shoot I did last week with a new band, Worship, taken on a roof in Kensington High Street, London.  The building opposite has become one of my absolute favourites, it's offices for charities and local government and think it's a case of being so ugly it becomes likeable.  For ages have wanted to get in there and take some shots of it's dusty corridors, 70s/80s office furniture and pot plants. In fact better get on that, have heard rumours that it's going to be demolished sometime soon.

The band wanted to go with a mysterious vibe, so thought would tie in with some religious connotations.  Hence the red silk sheet from Shepherds Bush market.  There's some great and cheap fabric shops in and around the market which serve the local Asian community and students living nearby.  The market has a ghost town feel now that Westfield shopping centre has opened so pay it a visit if you can.

The last two, I got distracted and we started creating these mad shapes with the sheets. tasty : )

Monday, 5 October 2009

The Maccabees - Brixton Academy 03/Oct/09

They say 'This is the best night of our lives' and I believe them : )

Powerful, stylish and evocative the atmosphere is electrifying, not all gigs can be like this and tonight is a milestone for The Maccabees. They've played in hundreds of different venues over the past few years, working away until finally reaching this particular pinnacle. Great to see...

you can see more photos HERE