Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Bronx Mania

So new these guys were going to be shit hot, but now that they start their shows with Mariachi El Bronx it kind of lulls you into a relaxed mexican zone. Just when your wondering where your burrito got too and BAM! still us hyped up and crazy as always and everyone looks happy. Here's some general carnage and crowd mania. Sat 25th Aug @ Village Underground / Shoreditch

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Emmy The Great...

Just heard a new track 'Edward is Dedward' by Emmy The Great, it's rollicking! Check it out at
And this is a good excuse for me to post my favourite pics from press shoot I did earlier in the year, and that aren't on my site yet ; )

Monday, 17 August 2009

Joshua Radin

Here's a couple photos from recent shoot with the American Singer Songwriter Joshua Radin, he'd landed up in the uk and was filming a video shoot at Ginglik in shep bush, with lots of twinkly blue lights. It used to be a public toilet and kind of retains that level of glamour. wait sorry, that's way too harsh it's actually a very cool place, but a mind f**K to try and find the entrance..

Sunday, 16 August 2009


the amazing, the wonderous OIW @ Old Queens Head! The day I got back from Berlin so feeling super relaxed, happy and sleep deprived and we've got the best line up so far (in 18 months of nights!) Dufflefolks, Babe Shadow, She Keeps Bees, a totally rammed place and Morrisey in the house. I've still got a splinter in my finger from moving tables to remember it by. Here's a slide show, click for higher res images. There all a bit dark and blurry, kind of like my memories of it...

Berlin Whoop Whoop

Have just come back from three amazing days in Berlin for my friend's birthday. It's like London minus the crap, bankers and cramped conditions plus amazing weather, happy people, loads of open space, cheap delicious beer, and big lovely lakes (Krumme Lanken!)

nothing really beats getting a six pack, picking your own swimming spot and diving off a bit ol' tree. Felt like taking lots of pictures and had just got new supply of Portra 400VC so since I've now signed up to Picasa here's a slide show to check out...

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

London Bridge Festival - Photo Comp

Entered this comp, part of The London Bridge Festival, recently and was shortlisted. Check out the winning photo and get info on the festival HERE

Here's my photo...

Some wooden boards had been put up around a construction site and the sikh builders were doing some crazy maths in chalk all over them. Reminded me a bit of a Robert Frank type shot from his book The Americans.

I was composing the shot and this super stylish girl walked past, right through the frame. it was set up at 1/60sec but think the blurring and grainy feel of the 1600 Fuji neopan film worked well. Here's the board alone. wish I'd kept it, was like some kind of temporary installation art.