Monday, 20 June 2011

White Lies 'Holy Ghost'

Here's a few of my favourite photos from the White Lies 'Holy Ghost' video shoot, this particular scene makes up one part of an amazing video directed by CANADA that was all shot on 35mm.  Just the fact they were shooting 35mm blew my mind, let alone the whole recreating the sermon on the mount on a rock out to sea complete with a sheep.  Was such a cool day, and we had a 2 hour lunch of squid and local wine, best day at the office ever I think.

The extras were from a local church re-enactment group, deeply religious themselves and the sight of the guys in beards walking across the water will live in my mind for a long time.  Check out the video -

Photos taken on Contax T2 (love it!) and Lumix GF1 (love it too!)

Oh! Inverted World - June 16th

erm, well it's already happened and I was on my way to Ben Nevis so this is a bit late but here's the most recent flyer, featuring horses.