Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Filthy Dukes Album Art


Was commissioned to shoot a 5ft wide giant wooden eye on location in Winspet Quarry, near Swanange. The resulting images were used as cover and booklet art for the Filthy Duke's debut album 'Nonsense In The Dark'.

An access road would have helped, the rain, mud and darkness definitely didn't but with Ollie from the band, art director Stuart and Kelly from Polydor fighting the elements it all came together. Pint of local ale in the pub that night to finish and three hours sleep in the back of the van on way back. Job done, brilliant!

check their music out HERE, and there's some live shots from a recent gig at Matter, London, included below.

Location: Winspet Quarry, near Swanage

Client: Polydor Records

Album: 'Nonsense In The Dark' (2009)