Monday, 25 April 2011

Oh! Inverted World - May 19th

It's been two months of ridiculous sunshine since the last Oh! Inverted World, and now we're back at Old Queens Head with Dan Michaelson, I Am Harlequin and Professor Penguin, it's going to be ace.  Here's a flyer, gets you in for £4, and features the Magnolia that's directly outside my window.  For a few weeks in Spring it makes the view beautiful.  Actually come to think of it, appreciating the seasons and the colours they bring really is another sign that I'm getting old....

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Michael Kiwanuka 'Tell Me A Tale' EP Cover

Amazing record and Big Active worked a bit of magic with my photograph, taken back stage at the Union Chapel in Angel, and the layout, win win : )

Here's a link to check out the lead track 'Tell Me A Tale', it's an amazing piece of soul imbued with such warmth and joy.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Japanese Voyeurs - Get Hole Video Shoot

Here's a few photos from a day spent in a freezing cold, slimy bunker watching ballet and craziness for the 'Get Hole' video shoot.  Directed by Matt Lambert you can check the video out HERE


Saturday, 2 April 2011

Contax Round Up - March 2011

Here's a jumble of photos from my replacement Contax T2, damn I'm such a geek about this camera.  It's just the purest photo making tool I know, or perhaps just the laziest with it's minimal controls and beautiful lens.  I've also just learnt that my favourite film Posertra 400VC is being discontinued, well merged with the 400NC, what this really means I don't know but it's another unfortunate milestone in the decline of film.  I found one supplier in South Korea that's still selling it at a reasonable price so I got 30 rolls : )

This mess of photos is from March, an amazing month that saw me travel to Hamburg and Berlin with Michael Kiwanuka and freeze in-front of a room full of journalists at the Foreign Press Association benefit evening for Japan.  After about 20seconds luckily I managed to snap out of it and gave my slide show of Lost Village photos, it was really an honour to be able to show them for such a good cause.  Here's me giving the talk.