Monday, 30 November 2009

Autumn landscapes

Ok so Autumn is undoubtedly evocative and I'm a sucker for those golden and red leaves/conkers and all that, although I've always been wary of piles of leaves.  You never know when there's going to be a dog turd lurking at the bottom you might unceremoniously skid on.  I also have a thing for barren, gloomy landscapes, I guess it's good for your brain, it's easier to think when you're not being stupified by a beautiful sunset.  Here's a few shots I got back from a walk in the country (around Leominster in Hereford) and my garden (Southfields, London).  Aaah Autumn.  Wrap up warm and drink some port. xx

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

November Photos...

I carry around my beloved Contax T2 everywhere and although it takes amazingly rich and saturated colour photos, always find that B&W images come out too dark.  This is the kind of stuff that troubles me I guess, along with why can't we get decent Watermelons in the UK!!!  Few weeks back I ran out of my fave colour film Portra 400VC and so all month have been using up my Kodak TX400 (sorry what a geek!).  Got the film back yesterday and what a random selection of images! Here's a little slide show that takes in a Halloween night out, Oh! Inverted World November, A Sonic Boom at Shunt in Liverpool Street and other wierdness....


Tuesday, 24 November 2009


SamulNori is the art of Korean Drumming and recently had the chance to see a rare UK performance by Kim Duk Soo one of the few masters around.  It started with a series of incredibly complex rhythmic patterns from various regions of Korea that sent the drummers into an almost europhic trance.  2nd half was more performance based with acrobatic dancing and ribbons spun from special caps, amazing.  Sitting in the front row it was so loud and vital at times it felt like you drifted out of the physical space of the theatre and were left aware only of the drumming and flashes of colour.

Monday, 23 November 2009

Japanese Voyeurs

I love this band, like all the 15yr old me's dreams come true.  These pics are from a shoot I did back in late summer. You can check their music out HERE

Monday, 16 November 2009

The Cheek @ Cargo

Last Monday seems like last... who knows when.  Since then I 've enjoyed one of the best Oh! Inverted World nights ever, spellbound by The Mariner's Children and rocking out to Treetop Flyers, experienced a bizarre underground sonic boom in London Bridge and felled a tree in my pyjamas. 

Then last night whilst pondering what to do since finishing 30 Rock series 1 remembered, doh I've got to look through my photos of The Cheek from Cargo last monday!  They've been touring loads and it shows in the new confidence to mix things up in their live playing.  They have a general disregard for any stage banter and mostly sneer at the crowd whilst unleashing sleazy grooves and getting sweaty...


Tuesday, 3 November 2009

The Wishing Seat

So you might have noticed it was recently Halloween, pumpkins kicking around, strange kids at the door demanding sweets and drunken adults running around dressed like cat woman.  Ring a bell?  Fun times some might say, evil pagan worshiping deviants others might clamour!

I got fake blood in my eye, drank way too much virgin blood and woke up hung over and on my way to a secret haunted house (pssst it's in Kennington).  It's such a cool place, Simon the owner has dedicated 15 years filling it with macabre robots and secret crannies, go have a hunt for it.  I was there to take photos for the UK launch of Lady Gaga's new version of 'The Fame' album, called 'The Fame Monster'.  It allegedly comes with a free lock of her hair.  Loads of fans had turned up to win prizes in a dance off  (amazing!!!) and best dressed competition and all of them got the chance to have their photo taken.  It was so much fun, everyone was lovely and a bit wacky races, all the pics taken in the 'Wishing Seat'...

Here's a slide show of my favourites, hope you enjoy...