Monday, 24 January 2011

First Post of 2011... da ...da

It's been an interesting one already for me, things kicked off with my well loved Contax T2 getting stolen with another camera, lenses and my swimming trunks (at least I got a bit of payback) from under my seat in a pub.  Maximum bummer!  Thanks for good friends, they waited at the police station where the desk person there was complaining about making a wrong life choice, saying she should have been a teacher.  Dispiriting all round, they took me for food afterwards, it felt tasteless and cold, I took the tube home, for once lacking my customary bag but making a mental note of everything I'd lost.  Ipod, house keys, shit house keys! and water bottle from the Japan trip.  I'd lost it at least three times before but someone had found fit to track me down. 

The next day I had a wedding to photograph, the couple are just 23 and I was thinking positive.  I didn't really have to try, was such a beatiful occasion that I was swept along with the tide. 

Anyway here's some of the last photos from my Contax T2, I'm currently trying to track one down that's not too pricey.  So hopefully wont be the last of it's sharp and saturated gems.

It's 2011, have fun : )


Pumpkin & Pecan Pies : )
 Me and the only and only Kevin King on a f**kin tank : )